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custom door jambs
Woodworking is more than our job,
it's our passion.

Colonial Manufacturing Ltd. first opened its doors in 1981 when Arnold Acton and Laurence Gilbey saw the need for quality wooden mouldings in the Fredericton area.  We’ve since grown to become a recognized leader in supplying high-quality moulding and millwork products to homeowners and builders throughout Atlantic Canada. Over the years, we’ve expanded our product range from typical finishings such as crowns, casings and baseboards to wainscoting, flooring, stair systems, radius arches and countless other custom-fabricated specialty items.


Our mission at Colonial Manufacturing is to provide quality products at competitive prices,

in a time frame that suits the fast-paced construction industry, delivered with personalized customer service building long-lasting trusted business relationships.


• Wood moulding & millwork  • Precision milling  • Radius millwork

• Fire rated jambs  • Stair systems  • Wood firebricks


• In house profile grinding  • Historic replication  • Laminating  • Finishing

• Wood's warmth works with any architectural style, from heritage traditional to post-modern minimalist

• Real wood products have an unmistakeably natural look and feel, complementing any space

• Wood is renewable, sustainable and environmentally much more friendly than any synthetic material
• Wood is durable, adaptable, and offers ease of installation

• Wood allows endless finishing possibilities: stains, oils and clearcoats to suit your personal tastes



Colonial Manufacturing Ltd.

95 Whiting Road

Fredericton  NB

E3B 5Y5

1 (506) 452 0330

Thank you! We'll reply within 1 business day.

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